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Ears and their wax November 29, 2003

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It’s all right there!

Ear wax is used to clean the ears of dust and particles and eventually filters it’s way out. No poking or proding should be done in the ear, as that will cause build up at a faster rate.

Ear wax:



Tomorrow’s Cool November 24, 2003

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Tomorrow I get to see my girlfriend, and good God I need to. I’m so needy at times, but then again, that’s human, huh? She’s very good to me and she deserves my all whenever I see her. It’s sad that sometimes I can’t give it to her when she really needs it; such as when I’m away. I can only hope that, in the future, things will be better for her… but that isn’t to say she isn’t doing great, just that I wish I was there. I love her too much not to be.

I’ve got a Physics test tomorrow. It’s the last chance to prove my worth in the class, and I think I should do quite well. The problems seem understandable.

I’ll be gone after tomorrow. See you Sunday, maybe sooner if I feel like a break (which I probably won’t).


Wow…. November 23, 2003

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I am incredibly confused lately. It’s been a rough go the past few days, and I dare say that I need a break. I can’t wait until Thanksgiving…it will truly be a time of thanks for me.

I am very stressed…angry…happy…confused…I just don’t know. I hope that I am able to figure things out.

I am very proud of Emily. She is a great writer…maybe she can do something with that in the future (hint-hint). I am also happy that Russell had a good time at his little lan thingy.

Christmas is just around the corner…how exciting. I love buying and giving gifts to people. It always makes me happiest when I see the looks on the faces of the people that I have given gifts…it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world.

I got a enw CD from my good friend Jake. It is a comedian named Dane Cook and the title is “Harmful if Swallowed”. Everyone needs to check it out.

Thought of the Day: “Hyped up on the ‘Q'”



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SELAN was fun! I’m looking forward to next semester’s version. Though it wasn’t my primary concern, through the course of the LAN, I got a mouse pad, a small ATI Radeon poster, a few pens and trinkets, a Monarch computer systems T-Shirt (which I’m wearing now), and a HydroCool system. In total, I won about three-hundred dollars worth of stuff, and all but the HydroCool system came through random drawings and just tossing them out. The HydroCool system is worth about two-hundred to two-hundred and fifty dollars alone. That, more than likely, will be sold.


SELAN tomorrow November 20, 2003

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SELAN starts tomorrow. I’m pretty excited. There are a lot of prizes and hopefully I can take part in some of that. I obviously need to find a good team. I’m srue there are a few openings in the teams. I need to find something that will generate me some cash. I’d really like to win some money and put it to Christmas and a new game or something. Everything is pretty much ready to go and everything is paid. I’m stoked.

I have a calculus re-take exam tomorrow because the entire class did horrible. I’m definitely going to use it to improve my current grade in the class. I need everything I can get in any area.

Shit, I’ve also got to do the can drive thing for extra points in health. I guess I might have done it anyhow just because it’s a cool idea.



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Things are well in the kingdom of me. I am happy that I am finally able to let things that previously have bothered me go. It is a great relief of stress off of me and all of the work I have at hand.

I do wish that this weekend I can get out and do something. It would be a very much needed release. I hope that I can hook up Daron and Jake. I think that they would be very cute together…and they could have a lot of fun. Jake is a really sweet guy and I hope they can get something together…

I am also feeling very comforted by someone very special in my life. I am very fortunate that I have someone so wonderful to be so close to. Without him, I think that I would not be the same person that I am today. He has forced me to realize that things really are not as bad as they seem, and that if I want to change something, I need to stop whining and get on top of it. I thank God everyday that he brought someone so special into my life…right when I was ready for it. For almost eight wonderful months, I have been supported, loved and protected…and it has been great. My only hope is that he know how much I truly appreciate him…

That is all.

Thought of the Day: “Lord, grant me the courage to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

-Speaks for itself…..


To: Nina November 19, 2003

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I don’t think I can begin to image some of the problems you must have while I’m away. I know there is so much that goes on in your day that you could easily share with me if I was actually there, sitting beside you. For the fact that I can’t do that every day of my life, I am sorry. I wish every day was a day I wake up beside you and know the next time I go to sleep, you’ll be right there. I do want to hold you again and I do want to kiss you again. I want to protect you from problems that I currently can’t.

It is for these problems that I have all the sympathy in the world. It is for your goals and aspirations that I have all the faith for you and your success. You’ve done things that I could not do in your position. You have triumphed in some of the greatest situations that I would have failed. You are a great person. And I know this because I know myself. It takes knowing thyself to know someone else and it is through being around you that I have come to learn more about myself and in turn you.

In these days of constant problems that we can not solve, I wish for a resolve in closeness to you. I wish to be on the forefront of your battlefields, fighting for your causes. And I wish I could do this “as soon as possible”.

With all my heart for forever and a day,