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Cheddar and Sour Cream January 31, 2004

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Brandon rented 28 Days Later and we watched it last night, after taking a trip to the coffee house that Brandon led me to, filling up my gas, and making a pit stop at Arby’s. I really liked the flick. I might buy it… I’ll put it on my want list. So, if anyone is inclined, hint hint, nudge nudge. Otherwise, it’s cool.

Really got to thinking how happy my family is at this point. I think we’re starting to come closer together again and, because of the way things are turning out, all relatively excited about the same things.

I admitted that, in a way, I do want to see my mother again. That’s really a hard thing for me to say, but it’s true, I think.

Need to get some work done. Would like to be able to sit around and talk with Nina tomorrow. Maybe I can finish ‘Delirium of the Brave’ this weekend.

Good chips. Yum.


Subject: (optional) January 30, 2004

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In an attempt to actually get sleep, Lewis and I went to bed rather early. I can say that our plans easily got foiled. Olliff hall has a will all it’s own. The hall can be as quiet as a mouse when it wants to be, and, at one, two or three in the morning it can roar like a lion’s den with whoever possess it’s halls. I’d reiterate a constant theme that’s probably been established here before: this hall is supposed to hold the ruling of 24-hour quiet time. If I ever get out of here, I’m going to write a letter to the highest position that controls these places and tell them what’s going on. To this day, I’m strongly insulted by the situation.

Barring loudness briefly, my classes have turned into a single class today. That class will take all of twenty minutes to complete, I’m sure. Andrew has interest in MatLab, I have no interest in Maple 6. I can safely assume that I’ve learned nearly nothing from the previous hour I took on the class and the hour I’m taking now. Yes, I’m cynical.

I’ve got work to do. Wonder if I’ll do anything.

As of yesterday and the helpful nature of the class, I’ve taken a new interest in Chemistry. Don’t know if I’ve mentioned that or the fact that I thanked the professor for the class-type change. She said that she would more than likely continue with it if it was helpful. So, in short, it helps to voice your opinion, because if no one else does, you’re golden. Like voting.

If you read by journal, but don’t read Nina’s (Christina Wallace if you were in Woodland), then, well, do so, please? She really does like you. You can also:

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Hmm… January 29, 2004

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What a day. This is the first time I have ever written two entries in one day, but this one is worth it. To anyone who does read this, if you have time, comment. I feel like I am talking to myself on this thing, and that gets kind of boring after a while. I may stop updating if no one reads…ya know? I like everyone who reads this!!!

The transmission in the car went out today. And by went out I mean it literally fell out. We were riding along pretty as you please when suddenly teh car started to slip out of gear. It kept going back and forth between split seconds of drive and neutral. My dad makes the stunning observation of, “Hm, I think something might be wrong with the car.” Well, we plod along for a bit more when all of the sudden there is a loud, “!!!!BAM!!!!!” Proceeded by a very intense scrapping noise. We finally get to a point where we can pull over and see what’s wrong. Dad looks under the car and still can’t figure out. While he is going to talk to the owner of the driveway that we just pulled into, informing them that the car will be towed in the short-term, I decide to take a peek under the car. When I open my door, I lean down to look under it. All I see is a flood of transmission fluid covering the undercarriage of the car, so I’m like, “Um, okay.” Well, my dad comes back and says he can’t reach anyone, so we begin to walk to Woodland which is about 100 ft or so from where we stopped. As we start walking, my dad kicks something out of the way. I was like,”wasn’t that part of the transmission?” SO..we get to Woodland, take care of the intended mission for the trip, and wait on my brother to get out of school and for the tow truck to arrive.

Presently, the car is sitting happy as a clam in the driveway, with it’s transmission’s guts layed out underneath it. It was incredibly humorous…even my dad laughed, and he wasn’t happy. Everyone that has asked has been like, “no really, what exactly happened to the transmission?” My reply: It said, “fuck it, I gotta go, can’t take it anymore.”



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Here’s what I’ve got to say on some subjects:

Best Get Fuzzy comic ever.

Got a 67 on my Linear Algebra test…. just like that “Oof.” and my response was more like “the birdy”. Dig? Found my green beenie again. It’s my new favorite hat (again).

Saw Hendrix play some random team at Intramural Women’s Basketball. Even though I’ve got some friends on the team, we can all agree that 11 – 54 against what I’ll call “Come Get Some” (as its the only identification I have for the blue basketball babes) is pretty bad, but, conversely, an improvement. The game must’ve lasted about an hour at most. The penetration rule definitely came in handy.

Last day of my supreme work week. I’ll have the weekend to myself if I so decide. Good/bad deal!



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Well, not much happened so far. I havew lab in a little bit…this should be interesting.

I have gotten so much sleep in the past few days it’s amazing. I am so happy. I need to get a lot done this weekend though. I kind of dread what my to-do list is going to look like. Oh well.

That’s it for now.

Thought of the Day: “Sheep.”


Sleep…. January 28, 2004

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I wonder if it always feels this good to get 11 hours of sleep in one night? I really needed the rest. I know have energy to do the work that I put off all week.

I have lab tomorrow. I miss my old lab parner. It’s kool, though, because she is in two of my other classes, just not lab. She is awesome. My new lab partner is alright…she is a good worker. I just don’t have much to say to her.

I am supposed to go and see Lord of the Rings again with my only friend who hasn’t seen it. It’s going to be fun, I hope.

My economics professor is unintentionally hilarious. He used sheep as an example of GDP today. It was soooo funny. But, the good news is, I didn’t sleep in class today…all that rest helped. I did, however, draw a fishy picture, which I colored with highlighters. Alicia and I both did. She drew flowers though. It was so funny!! We also came to the conclusion that we couldn’t see our professor driving a truck (which he does)or being in the Navy (which he was). It is so strange…he also has a BAD comb-over.

My government professor is funny too…only he tries to be. He puts a flippy angle on everything to keep us awake. He gives great notes and is really nice…and also cool.

Thought of the Day:”Sleep is good…and food.”


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Just got done with my chemistry lab. Long, long labs. I really am a bigger fan of physics than I am of chemistry. The labs are shorter, the teachers don’t try to confuse the hell out of you and don’t get insulted when you ask them questions (like somehow they’re not teaching gods). But, other than that, my lab partners are cool. Amanda and Nicole are their names. They’re upper-class men. They kind of make me feel like I’m hanging with the cool crowd… but there’s not a cool crowd in college… just two groups: drunks and sober people.

It was actually easy to get up at 7 this morning… considering I went to bed at 10:30. Thanks to Nina wonderfully falling asleep, I was compelled to fall asleep at that time… and so was Lewis.

Calculus test today. Should do alright on it.

Ranted about programming principles to my uncle last night. Not going to rant again, even thought we both had the concurrent opinion that what I’m having to do is “Bullshit.”