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Sunday…. February 29, 2004

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Today has been kind of grumpy. I don’t know why. I think it’s because other people around me have been in a bad mood and it’s rubbing off. I wish that I was in a better mood because this is making me defensive toward everyone and I hate it.

Other than that, I am making good progress on Gina’s dress. It is looking just as good as I thought it would. I am stoked…about how it looks and making some extra cash.

Thought of the Day:”F*** this game.”


Sad, sad guy.

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Check this out. Stole it from Jered. So, props to him, and his blog. I personally think the short is pretty funny. Take a look.

Not much is really going to go on today, I’m sure. Although sleep will more than likely separate me from the rest of the day. Who knows, right?

Linkin Park concert in a week. Kind of sad that I had to break my promise for the second time to see this, but that was my decision. I could’ve left it, but then again it would be my first concert, everything was pretty much lined up for the opprotunity, and I definitely like the band. So, I guess, to some extent, it was worth it. We’ll see.


Wow…. February 28, 2004

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I saw Jake today for the first time in a while, and he looked good. I must say that he cleans up well. I am happy that he finally has some money and doesn’t have to work as hard. He seems like he’s in a much better place. We talked for like an hour (he stayed after lunch), it was nice. I realize now why I miss working with him so much. He’s just a great guy.

I look forward to seeing Russell in a week…but I do have my reservations. I feel like I am becoming an “issue” to his family. Every time I turn around it seems that there is some problem relating to me…when they have enough to worry about with him. This isn’t to say that I don’t love them. They are wonderful…and extremely funny…I just don’t want to cause them any undue stress. Especially over something as petty as Russell driving home. I want to see him, but if it means that it causes problems with his family, then I can do without. Love cannot be lessened by distance.

I am happy that work is over. I did a lot today…I also got the materials that I needed to finish Gina’s wedding dress ( I have been waiting on her to buy them). It should go by really quick now. The only thing that I have to do at this point is wait for Adrianna to get back to me with what she wants to do…I can’t start without the stuff.

I was also forgotten about today…my dad was an hour late picking me up. I am still a little grumpy about that. But what can I do now, eh?

Well, that’s all for now.

Thought of the Day:”What is with folks today?”


Simple, really.

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Well, I just don’t feel like updating this thing today. But I just did… oops. I want a steak. Please get me a good steak. That’s all I ask: good grades, my girlfriend, a dodge viper, a million wombats, and a steak…

Simple, really.


Eh… February 27, 2004

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Work was just as long as I thought it would be. I am looking forward to having lunch with Jake tomorrow…I haven’t seen him in what seems like forever.

I am also looking forward to possibly seeing Emily while she is home for her spring break. I hope that Russell will be able to see her…he comes home on Friday night, so maybe she and he can get together while I am at work on Saturday…they probably need that.

Daron called me today…I haven’t spoken to her in a while. I miss her too. I need to get together with her again…just so that we can chill. It’s tax season though, so I probably won’t be able (she works for an accountant).

My bestfriend from since I was 3 years old and I have been in good contact lately. I haven’t seen her in FOREVER. I hope that we can get together at some point. I really miss her too.

I think that I will begin looking for a new job. The credit union that I bank at has had a couple of positions open…maybe I can work there. They are closed on Saturday and Sunday, and they close early during the week. We shall see.

Thought of the Evening:”Sleep is great, sleep is good.”



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Nothing to report except that the really long Friday classes are over, I am sleepy, and I think that me and Roxanne’s project went over well, my professor seemed impressed.

I could really use a nap. I don’t think that’s going to happen. Oh well. I can’t wait for my Linkin Park concert next Saturday. It’s going to be worth the eighty dollars I am spending on it.

Thought of the Day:”If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands.” (silence heard throughout the land…..)



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NO worky…no worky worky.

Class is really long.