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Birds March 3, 2004

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The birds came back to my ears this morning for the first time in a long while. I’m glad they’re back. Reminds me of home. The birds sound so peaceful and content like I am with a lot of things in my life.

I’m not a fan of chemistry labs. Long and drawn out. They teach you very little in my opinion, but oh well. I can’t help that, nor the fact they boost my average in the class with the perfect grades I get in them.

English class was canceled last night. That was good because the day before she was really bitchy to me. I don’t have much appreciation for a class where you’re asked to give your opinion on something and then she turns it around to disagree with you on a matter which is purely a matter of opinion — what “loyalty” means (to you). Really irritating. Reminds me of brainwashing to some degree. Sad thing is I’ll probably have to go tonight. I abhor english teachers while I’m in their class and love them when I’m not in their class.


One Response to “Birds”

  1. BIRDIES!!!

    Birdies are great!! I love it when the come back for spring. It makes everything seem fresh and new. Their singing is just so refreshing.

    I figured it was your kind of humor…

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