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Linkin Park…. March 7, 2004

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I had the most wonderful weekend. I saw Linkin Park, POD, Hoobastank, and StoryoftheYear in concert. Lemme tell ya, IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

StoryoftheYear sucked, Hoobastank was alright, POD rocked, and Linkin Park was tight!!! The entire thing was awesome…and so were the people that were there too. I went with Russell, Roxanne and Drew. So kool. Before, during, and after the show we had so much fun. OMG!!!! It was great!!!

There was this one drunk girl 3 rows in front of us who had apparently seen too much Chapelle show. She was like, “WHAT!?!” and “YEAH!!” It was hilarious. Then Russell answered her and she started cracking up. OMG!

I started to crack up between Hoobastank and POD, I was so tired. I kept leaning over to Russell and goign “NO bun seeds…Pickly pickles.” Roxy and Drew were calling me a retard. It was great. You would have thought I was drunk…but I wasn’t.

At the end of the show, StoryoftheYear came out on stage with Linkin Park and they all had these giant blow-up penises and blow-up dolls. It was so funny. Then, they threw one of the penises into the crowd, and by the time they got it back, it had gone limp. Roxy was like, “that’s no fun.” It was great. Well, honestly, there’s too much to tell, but it was great.

For those of you who were there: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!, you know.

Thought of the Day: “LP rocks!!!”


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