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Jamaica We Have a Bobsled Team March 10, 2004

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Well, that’s what I was dreaming about just a second ago. Don’t ask why.

I didn’t stay up until 4 AM — I stayed up until 2 AM… dammit. I was and am still dog tired. I may go back to sleep soon. We’ll see. I need to get some food. I need to get some sleep for tomorrow when I drive back home again.

Fucked up a programming test worse than anything I could ever imagine. Oh well. My grade is still a B by my calculations… which is decent.


One Response to “Jamaica We Have a Bobsled Team”

  1. I told you…

    Not to stay up late for a reason…so you wouldn’t be sleepy. YOu still haven’t caught up from being tired from last weekend….and why don’t you want to talk to me anymore at night? 😦

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