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Another day, another sniffle…. March 17, 2004

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I hate being sick. The only time I ever get sick is if I get a stomach ache from eating something that didn’t agree with me. I never get colds where I sound like a 13-year-old boy going through puberty because my voice is so scratchy. It is pretty funny though. Everytime I go to make any high pitched sound, my voice cracks. It’s hilarious. But nevertheless annoying!!!

Well, Russell is having a good spring break, which I am very happy about. His is definately going a lot better than mine did. I am happy that he is getting so much accomplished in this short week he is home.

I am pretty sure we have found an apartment. Whereever it is, it’s going to be right by KSU because it eliminates the need for too many vehicles. Apparently there is a CCT bus that goes from KSU’s area right downtown near GATech everyday at like 8AM. So I am thinking that will work out okay. Russell got a new laptop so I think that should keep him busy on campus while he is there for the day.

I just finished my economics test. I think I did relatively okay. I studied a great deal for this one, I wasn’t going to make the same mistake I did last time. Now I am just killing sometime before my government class which starts at 9:30. We are having a debate over the (possible) constitutional ban on same sex marriage…it should be interesting. My professor is doing it to give some of the people that didn’t do too well on the exam a chance for some extra credit…which thankfully I didn’t need.

OH!! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Thought of the Day: “Mmmm…Lucky Charms.”


One Response to “Another day, another sniffle….”

  1. wusiwug Says:

    What to do…

    You poor thing. I hope you feel better.

    *grins* I have returned. I have seen you; why haven’t you seen me? ^.^

    Keep the book as long as you need it. I don’t mind…too much. 🙂 Just don’t read some of the crap in the back; it sucks. Literally. Skip all of the fanfiction, please.

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