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Well, I found out…. March 25, 2004

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Well, I foudn out just how horribly I did on my chemistry test…and it was just as bad as I had thought.  I got a 65. How horrible is that?  Then to top it all off, the professor kept saying that we were all asking really insightful questions…yeah, a lot of good that did us AFTER we failed the test.  I mean, c’mon. Then, apparently, we all did really porrly because we all had teh same question: “How exactly did you derive the chemical equation from THAT?”  Too bad we didn’t know before we took thte stupid test.  Oh, well, better luck next time I suppose.  We will have to see.

Other than that, I am just really tired…of everything.  I don’t know why, I just am.  I don’t like how a lot of things are going lately and I haven’t figured out how to fix them either.  Let’s just hope that they get better soon or there may have to be some serious changes on the horizon. 

I guess that’s all. I am in a pretty okay mood as long as I don’t think about certain things.  I have to go turn in my two labs that are going to be late if my professor doesn’t get them by today.  Everyone have a good day. 

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Thought of the Day: “Patience is the companion of wisdom.” -Saint Augustine


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