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So, yeah… April 28, 2004

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Well, classes are finally over for the semester!!! Is that the sounds of a roaring crowd I hear in the background? I think so…

Anyway, I just left my last government class…I am going to miss my professor so much. He was one of the best I have ever had. What a kool guy.

On a side note, I sold back 3 of my old textbooks for $73. And you know which one they wouldn’t take back? ECONOMICS Bastards. The one book I never wanted to see again for the rest of my life…and they wouldn’t buy the damn thing back. I think I will go try the General Bookstore right down the street from KSU. If they don’t buy it back, I am throwing the damn thing in the trash. Grrrr…It just burns me up to look at that fucking book. Oh, well.

Chemistry final is tomorrow. Pretty much studied up for it. I am going to do practice problems tonite so that I can walk in tomorrow, kick ass, take names, go home, and nap. Also, some more good news, my government final is 3/4 composed of past test questions and he gave us an extensive (I mean, if you fail your an idiot) study guide for the remaining 1/4. Very good to know. Didn’t go to economics because I wanted to get as much $ for my books as possible…besides all the talking we did about how we as a class want to study was in vain. He just read a damn powerpoint…again. I guess some people will never change.

I think that’s all for now except my love comes home tomorrow to be with me for good…we hope. Everyone wish Russell good luck on his exams…he is kind of freaking out.

Thought of the Day:”When a thing is done, it’s done. Don’t look back. Look forward to your next objective.”
George C. Marshall (1880 – 1959)


Aaahhh….no…. April 27, 2004

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Well, not much going on…hum dee dee. Just studying and such. Same as usual.

I do, however, have some News of the Weird to report:
My manager is being way too nice to me. He is just being overly friendly. He came up to me today and said that I needed to work more days and to let him know when I wanted to work. Hmmm…either I am in for a promo or he is got something up his sleeve. Could it be a raise? I think not. But here’s to hoping.

Other than that, I think I might get my Corolla this weekend. Here’s a pic of what the old clunker looks like:

This isn’t the best picture, but it is the same color.

Thought of the Day:”Remember:pears are fruit, not grenades.”


Now this is what I like to see… April 26, 2004

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What Makes You Sexy?
by eva71
Sexy Body Part Is Your Boobs
Special Talents Are Giving The Rub Down
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Now, I think I can agree with that.


The best time… April 25, 2004

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OMG-I had the best time last nite ever. I went to dinner with Daron, Derick, and Megan. I also ran into Megan and Jade while I was there. It was a lot of fun. We went to Los Reyes…Yum. That was hilarious…we laughed so much at that dinner. 😀 Afterward we went to Bruster’s for ice cream. While we were eating ice cream (all of us went in Megan’s car) we just parked somewhere in a parking lot. While we were eating, chatting, and listening to the radio, these latino guys in a Ford Taurus kept circling our car like sharks. We were laughing so hard!!! It was great.

I also went shopping and bought somenew jeans…they are great. They are Levi’s Superlows…but they look really retro with this cute piping around the pockets and such. I love em.

Daron left early this morning. She had to get home to do some “planning” with Juan…yeah right. I guess that’s all.

Thought of the Day:”We already have a pimp, thank you.”


Okay, so BAM…. April 23, 2004

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I am pretty sure I just kicked that health test’s butt. I am thrilled. I studied enough apparantly. Hallelujah!!!

Anyway…I have to work tonite as usual…but not as usual I am really tired and have absolutely no desire to go in. I really wish I could afford to call out, but that isn’t going to happen. Oh, well. I shouldn’t neglect my responsibilities anyway.

To everyone who I have been neglecting lately:
I’m sorry!!! I will hopefully call you all this week. Now that the crazy test storm is over, I might actually have some time to chat!

Thought of the Day:”Check your emails.”


Yeah, so….

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I got a 98 on my economics exam. Yeah for me, but I still have to take the final. Oh, well. It will hopefully bring my grade up to an A instead of a B. I guess I will write more after health.

Thought of the Day:”Eye candy.”


Whew… April 22, 2004

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Well, I just finished with my chemsitry test…the last one before the final. YAY!!! I am really happy about that.

I calculated it, and I spent a total of 10 hours over two days studying for the economics exam that I took yesterday. I better damn well get an A or I will be extremely pissed off.

I have a health test tomorrow…which I am going to study for tonite. It shouldn’t be too bad.

Well, in a little while I am going to go take my chemistry lab final…meaning this is my last day of lab until next semester. Hoorah!!!

Thought of the Day:”Eh?”