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Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease April 20, 2004

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Haven’t updated in a while.

I might just make it to Tech. Who knows? I can’t predict the future, but I can predict my grades. So far everything looks okay and, oddly enough, all my good luck seems to come out at the end of semesters — which is what I got today in Chemistry. I made a B on my retake test (which I desperately needed). Bitching aside, its just a horrible class for me and I’ll leave it at that.

Two more tests this week that I know will go equally well.

Aside from that, not much news. Trying to figure out how not to blow up over what I consider very stupid things. Why are they stupid? Because I’m stupid and stubborn, that’s why. Its my fault that some of these things happen and I know damned well how to fix them but am too scared to do anything about them. But enough about that, like I said (its vague — because I don’t feel like pursuing it) and stupid. Besides, it’ll be over soon enough.

I managed to save Nina’s cat from sure devastation at the hands of the elements. He now lives with my dad until I come up for the summer and such.

Megaman X is pretty fun. Played a lot of that lately. I like robots and things that get armor and wicked-sick guns. So, that’s why, eh?

I want a Babel fish.

My gums hurt from brushing them. I’m guessing my electric tooth brush doesn’t do that good of a job or when I switch it wouldn’t be a big deal.

I want to watch “Action League NOW!”. Scuba Steve is the best.

I’ll write something later if I feel like it. Emily, its going to rock to live with your boyfriend! I’m excited about the same damned thing, heh.


One Response to “Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease”

  1. WOW!!!…

    He posts…Well, I am happy for you. Love you…

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