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Hmmm…. May 20, 2004

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Well, yesterday I finally got my drivers lisence after waiting many years. It was fabulous to get in my car and go…all by myself. I no longer have to wait on people to come and get me and for that I am very thankful. And credit must be given to Russell who helped me to purchase my car…I love you.

We still haven’t heard anything from GA Tech. I have a feeling that they are trying to dick around forever…but then again I have to look at the fact that late registration for Summer 2004 might still be underway, delaying their decision. He worked so hard, I am worried though. I hope that they see what a great candidate he is. Pray for him everyone.

Other than that, I am doing okay, cept for freaking allergies!!!

Thought of the Day:”Give up the onion ring, bitch!”


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