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Hmmm…. June 27, 2004

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Well, it’s been a while…again. I am loving this whole living away from home thing cept for the fact that I am bored out of my mind. Jake has been over…along with Daron…and it’s been great. I missed Daron and Jake a lot.

I think I might be going ot “Chez Smith” today to get stuff for my apartment (It’s really just Daron’s house but she has informed me that they have a ton of stuff that they want to get rid of…so I am welcome to it). That should be interesting. Her dad is an artist, a very good one I might add, and he has tons of paintings in their attic just sitting there…so I am welcome to some of them.

In other news:

I got my first credit card. Hehehehehe…no. I have not gone crazy with it. I have bought dinner with it though.

Thought of the Day:”Weird dreams.”


And now for the big show…… June 21, 2004

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For those of you who actually care enough to read this…sorry I haven’t updated in a while. But some rather exciting news to update…

1. Russell was officially accepted to GA Tech and is so incredibly happy. I am very proud of him.

2. Because of the afore mentioned acceptance, Russell and I get to live together…HOORAH!! Meaning, that is what we are doing currently. Right this minute I am sitting in our apartment. It is so wonderful.

3. I have decided I am going to go to Emory for the remainder of my college career. It is an awesome school and I know that I am good enough to be there…so that’s where I want to be.

4. My best friend in the whole entire world is only 15 minutes from me now. She has also been so gracious enough as to let me come horseback riding with her whenever I want…kool, huh?

Now for the exciting part…

The apartment is huge. There are closets everywhere and our apartment community has a pool and a fitness center.
Russell and I have also decided that we will probably be wedding next year some time…so watch out!!!!

Other than that, I need to go to the grocery and get food. I will update as often as I can.

Thought of the Day:”Aaah. What a great day!!!”