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It’s been awhile…. September 9, 2004

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Cheesy I know. Anyways…so I haven’t posted in a while. Here are some happenings in my hum-drum little world:

1)I got my PELL money…and spent it rather wisely…
-I bought a new computer:Very awesome for only $500 custom built.
-Bought some new clothes…which I desperately needed and wanted.
-Paid off my car insurance and my Discover card.
2)My babies are doing well. Henry had a stint with tapeworms…bought some $30 medication for that. Chalupa is getting fat and big…I love my little chihuahua.
3)Shroder cat is getting along great with the dogs…doesn’t mind them at all.
4)Going to see Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta on the 25th. Kick ass race…everyone should try to make it. $45 for all day at the track.
5)Got more furniture-including a new desk compliments of my dad. He bought it to go with my new computer. I love it. It was only $50 at Office Depot. Of all of them there-from the cheapest to most expensive-this one was PERFECT.
6)My car is doing great. No problems yet.
7)My classes are also going well. The only 2 I don’t like are my Sociology class and my Statistics class. Both the professors bore me to tears. My statistics professor is really good though…so I guess it makes up for his monotone voice for 2.5 hours.

Other than that, I am very tired and very content.

Leave me a message if u want… I will get it…promise.

Thought of the Day:”If the earth was a house, than heaven would be like the attic and hell would be like the basement.”


One Response to “It’s been awhile….”

  1. wusiwug Says:

    Back from the dead

    Hey! I’m alive! Still! Amazing, ain’t it?

    But, about being tired, I know how you feel. Same with me. Went to bed @ 9 last night, woke up this morning feeling somewhat refreshed, but still TIRED.

    Birdwell…is she the only teacher for AP English? Please say no. Please say no.

    I’ll be @ the game Friday night. I’m glad your dad is coming.


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