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Amen…. September 19, 2004

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This week has been a very awakening one. As strange as it sounds, I was sitting in my MATH 1107 class Friday morning amidst five others who had heard campus was OPEN and decided to rededicate myself to God. To those of you who are not very close to the Lord, I have had some difficulty telling anyone. My best friend gets so “freaked out” by religion, I don’t think she would understand or support me very much.

The story goes something like this:
Sitting there in this huge, cold auditorium bored out of my mind waiting on class to begin, and I noticed the Bible that I had gotten from the Gideons the previous day laying in my purse. I started to read some of the New Testament. I realized how far I had grown away from God and how out of control I felt in recent months. I then decided to start listening to non-secular music on the radio and see if I felt his desire to draw me closer to him. From the moment the first song came on the radio and I heard so many people praising God, tears began to fill my eyes because their spirit had reached my so deeply. I am going to enlist Russell and we are going to look for a church, one where we can worship God and become involved. If anyone knows a good non-denominational church in the Metro-Atlanta area, please leave me a message.

In the meantime, I am on my quest and my mission.

Thought of the Day:”Let glory and praise be to Him.”


2 Responses to “Amen….”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    try the church of christ at the galleria

  2. Anonymous Says:

    try the church of christ at the galleria

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