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Once again…. December 10, 2004

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The semester is coming to a close…and not too soon!
Boy, this has been one of the worst semesters ever-as far as life’s events are concerned. I figured out that it will be next to impossible to make an A in my history class…but here’s to trying anyway. English-HA! FInally got to evaluate the psycho lady…hoorah. I know I will be able to make an A in that class as long as I make sure to prepare an awesome final paper and a great presentation to boot. Philosophy, oddly enough, does not worry me. I have done really well this semester. Maybe I actually get it. Who knows? Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

Hmmm….Christmas is drawing near…got lots more gifts to buy for folks. I think that’s the best part anyways.

Have a funeral to possibly go to on Saturday…I am still debating.

Other than that, I’m feeling a little better…okay, well, a lot better, which is really good.

Well, that’s all for now….off to my statistics final….yeah….this should be fun….

Thought of the Day:”Dude, is that dinosaur lookin thingy crappin’ copper?”


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