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Grades, Usage, Myself December 14, 2004

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CHRISTmas is here — or, well, there — over there — soon to be here. Sure, its better than, let’s say… September. I can’t say I like September; I don’t imagine too many good things happened (to me) in September. October either — ‘cept Halloween.. I love giving little kids candy I would never dream of eating myself. Better yet, I love getting that sort of pagan-enriched candy. The Japanese candy makes me happy.

Grades are posted. I met my goal! I got a 4.0…. minus 1.0! Eh, I guess I didn’t much care this semester. I was moreso interested in getting settled in, bitching about my job, and doing a good bit of work and still not understanding my material. Towards the end I suppose I just said “Fuck it.” Sh, don’t tell.

“You see Bob, its a problem of motivation. Its not that I’m lazy, its that I just don’t care.”
“Don’t care?”
“That’s right, I just don’t care. If I work my ass off at [Blockbuster, Innotech, GA Tech] I don’t see another dime.”

Yeah, ill founded, partially untrue, and completly obtuse — that’s the way I work.

Ever been forced to work from 10 PM ’til 7:30 AM? Its fun… you end up doing a lot of nothing, not caring if you screw things up, and just basically walking away from the time completely irate and feeling very abused and used. *adjusts tie* Welcome to the corporate world, I guess.

I guess I could walk into next semester promising to myself and others changes — big changes like I always have — changes that are massive like claiming “4.0, definitely happening”. We’ll see if I grow up or not. We’ll see if I’m immature and just say, “Maybe I’m setting my standards too high”. Maybe I’ll set my standards higher for myself — like I did a year ago. Maybe I’ll push the bar again…

… maybe not. But I should. And if I don’t do what I should, I’m obviously an irresponsible asshole that cares about no one but himself. And I guess if someone called me on it, maybe I’d realize it more. But someone has — I have.


One Response to “Grades, Usage, Myself”

  1. wusiwug Says:

    Sprite + Krispy Kreme= I’m trying

    How do we manage to switch topics from finals to American Beauty, now to 28 Days Later? Are we just gifted or what?

    And it can make you think, you movie critic.

    I do not like your physics.

    Be proud that you are PASSING your classes. You HAVE a job. Look and focus on the good things in your life.

    I don’t see how you can call yourself an irresponsible asshole. I read the same entry you did, and I’m not seeing it.

    Life happens. You work fucked up hours. You are doing the best you can.

    If all else fails, you’ve gotta friend here.

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