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The Holidays Thus Far December 28, 2004

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So far the holidays are going well, barring a few non-minor things.

Christmas and Chirstmas Eve both went well. The days before hand also. We’ve had a great Christmas despite our own blunders that would have, under most circumstances, screwed Christmas–these events dating back to monthes before hand.

Christmas shopping for Nina was fun — got her a nice little toy, not to mention a necklace (just something personal for her) and combined we got her entire family a bunch of cool stuff. Really, these facts make me more happy than any gift I could receive. This is the first time I have been able to receive the gift of giving–better than any laptop; any game; or any new trinket.

On the sad side, I quit Blockbuster. In retrospect, it might have been a little quick, but it happened. Long story short, they told me to work both the holiday days while others got off, when I questioned them about it and tried to work something out, they basically gave the message “deal with it” even though they caused the problem. As to the question of “what else do I have lined up”, I’m not sure to be honest. I’d like to see how next semester starts out before I pile myself down with another pontentially crappy job that doesn’t want to work with a college kid from Georgia Tech. Oh well, their loss as well as my short-term loss of money.

I’m debating about doing a co-op semester or two with Georgia Tech after getting my ass reamed by my Uncle for not “reading the contract” with regards to my apartment (even though both Nina and I did). I’ve been thinking about it for a while and Grampy brought it up and showed a great deal of interest in me being in it. I think I’m definitely going to look in to it.

Anyway, if you guys are bored and reading this… happy holidays to you all. You guys are great.


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