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Well…. February 1, 2005

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I am so happy! My wedding dress arrived and it is so PERFECT!! I alos ordered a bunch of new clothes from Esprit, AE, and a new handbag (I am a VERY happy girl). I alos got my wedding/engagement rings sized properly. Hoorah…life is good!

My Chalupa is starting to look like a long haired chihuahua…not just a little rat dog. Henry is what I believe to ae a shetland sheep dog/lab mix (much research went into this). The cat? Well, he just hangs out.

Thought of the Day:”Valentine’s Day is coming…”


One Response to “Well….”

  1. wusiwug Says:

    Glad you’re ok

    When you find that class, can you sign me up for it too? I could use some lessons, plus a certificate. 🙂

    I’m glad you’re okay. I’m glad that you learned something from it, too.

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