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La ti da and the first day back at school… August 23, 2005

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Hmm…well, it doesn’t seem like so long ago that I was sitting in the same classroom that my genetics class is in. Summer semester really bolstered my GPA back up after that terrible (and I do mean firghtening) outcome in BIOL 2017 in the spring. The new semester is going well, I like my new professors. I am looking for a job…I hope that turns out well. My schedule is swanky though-no classes start before 2PM….any day.

Apartment is great. I had a great vacation in FL with my Uncle, Aunt, and cousin Chris. My cousin’s kids are amazing. He also has two of THE coolest cats ever. One looks just like my mom’s cat Fat Baby.

ONLY drawback to this semester is only having 12 hours. I guess it’s good for my GPA, but it surely does not hurry my degree along. During priority registration I wasn’t technically a Junior yet (my summer classes accomplished this), so I had to wait really late to do my registration. As a result, all of the Juniors and Seniors got all of the higher level classes I needed-and nobody is dropping. I have been checking since Friday, but no one has budged! Grrrr…

ANYWAY…I hope everyone is doing well. Ring me up sometime or search for me on the facebook (I have succombed to the evil).

Thought of the Day:”Never judge a book by its movie.”-J. W. Eagan