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Gas shortage? September 1, 2005

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Is that I am the kind of person who absolutely HATES putting gas in my
car…and, unfortunately, watching the news. SO, yesterday, after I had
to get a tire patched,  I noticed that my car is on E.  I
decide, “Maybe I should get gas so I don’t have to walk to
Marietta.”  While this thought is floating in my head, I get 5
phone calls from a friend who is freaking out over a gas “shortage”. I
finally DID hear wind of the “rumor” on the radio, but that it was
nothing to get concerned about.  i.e. DON’T FILL UP IF YOU ARE NOT
ON E. It will just make it worse.  Well, the entire population of
DUMBASS USA showed up at every gas station for 100 miles.  Lines
stretched into the street, causing a traffic nightmare.  Being who
I am, I screamed out the window, “I wish I
could panic over NOTHING!!”  FINALLY, I found a gas station that
only had, maybe 5 cars in it, so I pulled in and filled up my
legitimately empty tank.  In the mean time, I found it necessary
to insult all of the fucking MORONS who were sitting on 3/4 of a tank
waiting in line, BURNING UP THEIR GAS, to fill up unnecessarily. 
I swear, these are the people who would believe a rumor started by a
5-year-old that dinosaurs were coming to eat them.  These are
supposed to be the people who “know things”; who watch the news, listen
to all of the market analysts.  

That is my rant.  I was so pissed yesterday that I could not stand
it.  I wanted to slap so many people for being ignorant.  For
those of you out there who don’t know basic economics, take a look at

Thought of the Day: “This blows nuts.” -Brother in car during my own gas crisis.


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