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Why not me? January 4, 2008

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So, it’s probably been a while since I’ve posted anything worth a crap, but I really need to. 


First thing is first: Mike no longer has any hand in what we do financially–and that is incredibly liberating.

Secondly, I’m beginning to get really sad about all this baby business.  The whole thing is so incredibly frustrating.  We started “trying” in October 2006.  It’s now January 2007 and as it is heir apparent, we have no child-I’m not even pregnant.  The whole “trying, but not trying” and “letting nature take it’s course” thing is getting old.  Apparently “nature” is not down with the plan I have.  I know I need to lose weight, which would probably help, but it’s really hard when you have no support system whatsoever.  It’s so discouraging.   Then I find myself getting incredibly jealous and angry at people who “accidently” get pregnant.  Yes, I truly believe all babies are blessings and have no say so in being brought into the world; but I have to wonder, what about the people like Holly and me who try and prepare for a long time with no results?  I just don’t know anymore.

My baby box is now the proud owner of the most adorable Boppy I got really cheap at Marshall’s. 

Thought of the Day: What’s WRONG with me?


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