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Christmas and New York January 8, 2008

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For Christmas this year, the Grandparents-in-law treated the family to a week in the mountains – and it was awesome!  We had a wonderful time!  Went downtown and shopped, relaxed by the fire, played a lot of pool, and I kicked some Wii butt!

Me Russell Cabin

After all the relaxing, we had to do something exciting!! So we decided to fly up to NY and see the ball drop in Time’s Square.  We ended up partying like a rockstar with some friends of ours who were also in NY and it was awesome!

Russlle NYE

I also got a hat of my own and I rocked that bitch!

Me hat

I also got some pictures of the big Christmas tree in Rockafeller Center.

xmas tree

On top of everything, I took my first plane ride and it was cool.  I took some pics to commemorate the occasion.

plane engine

Overall, it was the most awesome vacation to date.  I hope to do more cool things like that in the future!!


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