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New Knitting Magazine February 29, 2008

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So blogging has fallen to the bottom of a very long list of to-do’s the past couple of weeks.  First I got a stomach flu that knocked me out for a week, then work has been really crazy.

In knitting news…

I’ve been doing research on knitting and certain procedures I see mentioned, but had no idea what they were – the internet is an amazing thing.  This weeks topic is Blocking.  Blocking is the process of wetting a finished piece of knitting and shaping it to the project’s intended dimensions.  There are apparently three ways to do this: wet, moist, and slightly damp.  Since I have been using man-made fibers for most of my knitting (Caron Simply Soft and Lion Wool Ease) because they are inexpensive, the wet method is what I plan to try when I finish my new project.  I’ll post a picture of what it will (hopefully) look like when I am done.  I plan to start it this weekend on a day trip I am taking with some girlfriends.  Who knows, maybe I’ll convert them to knitting!

On another note, I received the invitation for the grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary party.  My husband and I have to drive to Canton (about 45 minutes away) to go to a barbecue restaurant (one of which is 5 minutes from our house).  I tried my hardest to convince them to go to the closer one, but to no avail.  It should be fun and interesting because a lot of extended family will be there. 

No progress in the baby department yet.  Maybe next month.


Thoughts on public speaking… February 16, 2008

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This week has been wonderful and interesting, but as it has progressed I have become acutely aware of just how old fashioned I am.  This revelation came as the result of speaking with people who are in general slack about life and expect some sort of reward because they feel entitled.

On to the public speaking…

Never in my path in this life have I ever felt compelled to lecture on topics – until recently.  I need to give a “You Aren’t Entitled to a Damn Thing Just for Being Here” lecture to every college campus across this country.   My generation is packed full of kids who think that they are entitled to the ‘good life’ – that someone is supposed to just reach out and hand them the perfect life.  Life is hard work and I wish some people would understand that.  Not to mention all the people who cave in and forgive the most blatant acts of inconsideration and stupidity because it’s easy.  WAKE UP! Life is NOT easy and it is NOT without hard work.

Anyone know people I can contact for public speaking advice – as well as clients who would want to hear these topics?


The SECOND best surprise ever…. February 15, 2008

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Okay, so today is Valentine’s Day – or to the bitter Singles Awareness Day. I must say that I got the most amazing surprise for V-Day since I got engaged….


I know some of you are looking at this saying, “Why would she be happy to get this for Valentine’s Day?” Well, I will tell you. As you may or may not know, we have been unofficially trying to have children; but as is in most cases, I am way more interested in it than my husband. Also, I have a ‘baby box’ full of things for our future child (I’ve always been an over-preparer). So, I sent him my wish list on Amazon and asked him to just get me some small things for my box because I didn’t really want anything else. He made a big stink about it and said he wasn’t going to. Then last night the box arrives from Amazon with this in it and I almost cried. It was his way of showing support even though he worries he won’t be “good enough”. Well, I have some news for him: If he is 1/10 the man is father is, he is going to be an amazing father.

Oh, and check out my awesome card:

Well, if you are still reading, I am surprised, but I wanted to have this memory.


RE: Need a sewing project completed? February 5, 2008

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Okay, so no responses to my previous post. I suppose I should have provided some more prudent information.

1. There are services that I have standard rates for:

  • Hemming: $5.00 ($2.00 for each additional item)
  • Zipper Replacement: $10.00 (plus zipper cost)
  • Alterations: $15.00 (simple taking in/letting out) $30.00 (any beading, etc. that requires special care).
  • Button Replacement: $1.00/per garment (plus zipper cost)

2. I offer a FREE consultation. This means I can meet you at your home or anywhere else that is convenient to discuss the project you need completed and give an estimate.

3. General design work (window treatments, simple clothing, etc.) is a flat fee of $100.00 per design. With this fee you get a signed release and consent to use the design as you see fit, giving credit to me of course. You are not obligated to use me as your seamstress to complete the project. The project will be a measured drawing with fabric and finishing recommendations. FOR CLOTHING: A finished pattern is NOT included. You get a finished DESIGN with measurements for whomever you choose to complete the project.

4. More intricate work (wedding dresses, gowns, prom dresses, etc.) is a flat fee of $250.00. With this fee you receive a finished design (with measurements), the signed release and consent, as well as a detailed project materials list. Again, this is for the DESIGN ONLY. No finished patterns will be given.

5. If you choose to use me as your seamstress, the flat fees above are 50% off. Labor is done per project and will not exceed the amount agreed upon between parties. Materials for the project are an additional cost. A materials consultation is provided at no charge to asses what is possible within a client’s budget. From this consultation, a materials list is made and a price is quoted and agreed upon by myself and the client. The materials will not exceed the quoted price – unless changes are made by the client which require a change in the materials list.

6. A 50% deposit is REQUIRED up front for all projects $250.00 and up. This deposit is applied to the client’s total project cost at the end. All remaining monies are due at the time the project is picked up and approved. A project will NOT be released until all monies are paid in full.

7. A 25% deposit is REQUIRED up front for all projects up to $249.99. The deposit is applied to the client’s total project cost at the end. This deposit is waived on all flat fee services. The remaining monies are due at the time the project is picked up and approved. A project will NOT be released until all monies are paid in full.

8. Each project REQUIRES a deadline. This deadline is important for myself and the client. It provides that all work will be completed in reasonable time and that monies will be received accordingly. Deadlines are firm; however, in extenuating circumstances, deadlines may be changed at the client’s request.

9. Any situation not covered above will be addressed on an as needed basis.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have or to schedule a consultation.


ATTENTION: Need a sewing project completed? February 3, 2008

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Most of the people who read this blog have seen my work, but if you haven’t, I can show you samples.

I am capable of pretty much anything sewing related.  Whether you need window treatments or gowns, I can make it all.  I do NOT need a pattern, just an idea of what you want and a deadline.  I’m modestly priced, but it is on a project-by-project basis.  The consultation is FREE!  The price is for labor…material is extra!  Please pass this information along to your friends and family members.  If you need contact information, please feel free to leave a comment and I will contact you within 48 hours!  I also make clothes for 18″ soft bodied and all vinyl dolls (for you collectors out there like me).