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Thoughts on public speaking… February 16, 2008

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This week has been wonderful and interesting, but as it has progressed I have become acutely aware of just how old fashioned I am.  This revelation came as the result of speaking with people who are in general slack about life and expect some sort of reward because they feel entitled.

On to the public speaking…

Never in my path in this life have I ever felt compelled to lecture on topics – until recently.  I need to give a “You Aren’t Entitled to a Damn Thing Just for Being Here” lecture to every college campus across this country.   My generation is packed full of kids who think that they are entitled to the ‘good life’ – that someone is supposed to just reach out and hand them the perfect life.  Life is hard work and I wish some people would understand that.  Not to mention all the people who cave in and forgive the most blatant acts of inconsideration and stupidity because it’s easy.  WAKE UP! Life is NOT easy and it is NOT without hard work.

Anyone know people I can contact for public speaking advice – as well as clients who would want to hear these topics?


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