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New Knitting Magazine February 29, 2008

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So blogging has fallen to the bottom of a very long list of to-do’s the past couple of weeks.  First I got a stomach flu that knocked me out for a week, then work has been really crazy.

In knitting news…

I’ve been doing research on knitting and certain procedures I see mentioned, but had no idea what they were – the internet is an amazing thing.  This weeks topic is Blocking.  Blocking is the process of wetting a finished piece of knitting and shaping it to the project’s intended dimensions.  There are apparently three ways to do this: wet, moist, and slightly damp.  Since I have been using man-made fibers for most of my knitting (Caron Simply Soft and Lion Wool Ease) because they are inexpensive, the wet method is what I plan to try when I finish my new project.  I’ll post a picture of what it will (hopefully) look like when I am done.  I plan to start it this weekend on a day trip I am taking with some girlfriends.  Who knows, maybe I’ll convert them to knitting!

On another note, I received the invitation for the grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary party.  My husband and I have to drive to Canton (about 45 minutes away) to go to a barbecue restaurant (one of which is 5 minutes from our house).  I tried my hardest to convince them to go to the closer one, but to no avail.  It should be fun and interesting because a lot of extended family will be there. 

No progress in the baby department yet.  Maybe next month.


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