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First Sock April 21, 2008

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So I found a great beginner sock pattern on Ravelry and I really wanted to try it because I hear socks are so addicting to make.  So far, those people are quite right!  I’m still slow, so it’s taking me longer than I would like, but so far things are going well.  This is the first time I have tried to knit in the round using DPNs.  It’s not as hard as I thought!  I was so proud of myself:

Cuff with 2X2 ribbing

As you can see, I have the cuff already finished.   The pattern calls for these socks to be really long, but since I never wear tall socks, I am making them more of the ankle variety.  Also, check out my “joints” where my DPNs meet.  I have to say this is what I am most proud of so far.

No ladder!

See how all my stitches are really tight?  I was really nervous that I would have a “ladder” of stitches where the needles meet as I read so much about.  The yarn is kind of crazy, but I honestly didn’t think it would be so neon when I got it.

Neon Yarn

So, I will keep everyone updated on my knitting of the sock.  Hopefully I will have an entire pair when all is said and done.


One Response to “First Sock”

  1. miqala Says:

    I think the socks you are working on look great, wish I had the pattern, keep up the good work

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