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A lazy, rainy Sunday July 14, 2008

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I love rainy days! I enjoy them that much more when I am at home with my little family to sit on the porch. There is one thing I may miss about our apartment – our front porch. It is much bigger than most apartment “patios” or “porches” and holds those lawn chairs with the foot rest. Patio furniture would be nice one day, but seeing as how we don’t know what our future home will be like, buying $1000 worth of patio furniture would be a big waste.

This is the view from my porch:

I love that big tree. There is another one to the left of it. The only downside is paper trees (like these) are very bad at shedding with large amounts of wind. There are constantly branches on or around our cars. It would help if management had them pruned, but that’s another issue entirely.

The people downstairs are becoming a problem. At this rate, it is pretty apparent that they are running a day care out of their two bedroom apartment. What’s worse is DH saw them lock two 3 year olds on the patio and put the security bar down. One of them was trying to get in and no one would let them. On Friday – around quitting time – I noticed MULTIPLE cars arriving, running in, and leaving with small children. If they have a license to run a day care, that is fine; but for the safety of the children, it was best to let someone know.

This weekend I had planned to go to one of two knitting groups in Smyrna. Unfortunately, DH decided to spend a lazy weekend hanging out playing on the new iPhone 3G. I can’t wait to order one for myself!

We did a lot of baby making this weekend much to my delight.

More to report later I’m sure.


Day Off and Stuff to Do July 9, 2008

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So today I decided to take the day off and get some “work” done around the house.  So far, I’m blogging. HA!

Other than that, all is going well.  Procrastinating with this dress – so much fabric.

I was reading my old blog the other day and some of the stuff was really funny.  Looking back on holidays and such – remembering some of the craziness that has been Russell and I’s life for the past 5 years.

I can’t blog sans photo, so here ya go:

My dear husband.  I heart him.


FO and New Haircut… July 7, 2008

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Well, a lot has been going on here.  I was quite productive after LYS hopping one long Saturday afternoon.  I bought some Berroco Suede Yarn to make the DIY Suede Booties.  I am so stoked about how they turned out!  They look just like the pattern – which is a huge confidence booster in the knitting department.

I decided to add the “fur” trim at the last minute and will post photos once I finish the last booty.  The DH said there is no way they can be masculine, so I opted for the fur if they are only going to be for a girl.  I think they make a grand addition to the baby boxes.

Speaking of LYS hopping…I also got some Rowan Cashsoft to work on the Debbie Bliss Ribbed Baby Jacket.  The pattern is free on Ravelry – which is a bonus!  I started the sweater when I was sick and I really messed it up – luckily I was only about 10 rows in when I realized it.  I’m going to rip the whole thing and start over now that I’m all better.  I got the yarn in green because I’ve seen the sweater on boys and girls and it looks just as cute, so I’m going to try and make it unisex.

The yarn is a merino/cashmere blend and knits up so soft and lovely – perfect for a little one.  I can’t wait to have time to cast on and really work on it.  Right now I have to postpone it because my hairstylist (really one of my oldest friends) needs a formal dress altered substantially.  Will definitely take photos when complete.  It will be quite the undertaking.

Knit Picks finally had their Comfy in the colorway I wanted so I ordered the last 3 – what luck!  I also ordered some of the CotLin in this pretty turquoise color that turned out to be very bright when it arrived.  Not sure what to make of it yet, so for right now it will live in the stash.

On to the most dramatic change here in the land of me.  For almost my entire life I have had long hair.  And for the past 6 years, I have had long, dark hair.  I decided I wanted to go shorter and lighter in commemoration of summer and warm weather.  So my lovely hair stylist ( did well and here is the result:

Forgive the MASSIVE cleavage, but the boobs are here to stay, so I try to embrace them.  I look so different I can still hardly believe it.  She always does an amazing job.  If you need a haircut in the ATL, look her up!  She’s fabulous!!!

On month two of FAM – hopefully we’ll have some success this time.  Keep you updated on that front.  If it doesn’t work this month, on to purchasing the Clear Blue Easy fertility monitor.