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A lazy, rainy Sunday July 14, 2008

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I love rainy days! I enjoy them that much more when I am at home with my little family to sit on the porch. There is one thing I may miss about our apartment – our front porch. It is much bigger than most apartment “patios” or “porches” and holds those lawn chairs with the foot rest. Patio furniture would be nice one day, but seeing as how we don’t know what our future home will be like, buying $1000 worth of patio furniture would be a big waste.

This is the view from my porch:

I love that big tree. There is another one to the left of it. The only downside is paper trees (like these) are very bad at shedding with large amounts of wind. There are constantly branches on or around our cars. It would help if management had them pruned, but that’s another issue entirely.

The people downstairs are becoming a problem. At this rate, it is pretty apparent that they are running a day care out of their two bedroom apartment. What’s worse is DH saw them lock two 3 year olds on the patio and put the security bar down. One of them was trying to get in and no one would let them. On Friday – around quitting time – I noticed MULTIPLE cars arriving, running in, and leaving with small children. If they have a license to run a day care, that is fine; but for the safety of the children, it was best to let someone know.

This weekend I had planned to go to one of two knitting groups in Smyrna. Unfortunately, DH decided to spend a lazy weekend hanging out playing on the new iPhone 3G. I can’t wait to order one for myself!

We did a lot of baby making this weekend much to my delight.

More to report later I’m sure.


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