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Holy Cow!!! Where has the time gone? January 3, 2009

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So, I haven’t blogged in a while – and I promise there was a very good reason for that.  My laptop died – so sad I know!  I had that computer for three years.  I really hated to see it go, but I have a swanky new one now and I like it just the same.

Well, it’s 2009 and I can hardly believe it.  I go back to work on Monday after a wonderful two week vacation.  2008 seemed to have flown by!

I great family news – my brother is ENGAGED!!!  That’s right, my little brother is getting married.  I love his fiance and am very happy to welcome her into our crazy family.  They are really good to and for one another.

So, to reflect on 2008:
1. We moved into a house – still a rental, but much better than our apartment.  Much more freedom and peace and quiet.
2. Finally made it to Florida for the year – spent Christmas Eve with my dad, uncle, and all my cousins and their children.  It was awesome!
3. Saw Holly and Nick’s precious son celebrate his first birthday.  That little boy melts my heart.  He is such a chill little guy  – unless he’s hungry…lol.
4. Shaun turned two!  He is such a smart little man.  I love him to pieces.  He is my little helper boy and always has the most incredible smile on his face.  Such a ham and his laugh just makes you smile…even when he’s being naughty!
5. We didn’t have a baby, but we did buy our Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor.  We’re in our first month of use and so far I am optimistic.  I feel like this will be our year!  It will make all of our “baby-making” count much more.
6. I got all my Grandmother’s things she left in her cedar chest.  It’s beautiful and I have to say she had amazing taste in jewelry!  I feel like she is closer to me now.  Apparently I look just like her.

Other than that….it was a pretty chill year.

No pictures today – haven’t loaded them on my new computer yet.


One Response to “Holy Cow!!! Where has the time gone?”

  1. Megan Says:

    You didn’t mention that
    1-Russell GRADUATED this past year-Big milestone in ya’lls lives.
    2-You really focused and mastered a lot in knitting
    3-You had a TON of revelations this year, personally, professionally, and spiritually
    4-The Dinky car is still kicking it and hasn’t “kicked-it”
    5-You’ve really worked hard on all your relationships this year, even some you didn’t want to, but did anyway. I am really proud of you for all the hard work you did on all of your relationships. You struggled on quite a few, but you some how managed to make them ALL work, even if for a short while.
    That’s all for now-I’m sleepy. G’nite!

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