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Some FO action for ya! January 11, 2009

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So, I finally got a new computer – alas, all is well with the world!  I also have some pictures for you guys!  

Russell decided he did actually want me to knit him a hat.  So, while I was vegging out at the house on my day off yesterday, I cast on the “Knit Hat – For Anyone!”.  Such a simple and quick knit.  I think hats with weird, complicated patterns and such are simply unnecessary.  I guess I just like ’em plain!  Anyways, I finished it in ONE DAY!  Hallelujah – I’m getting faster.  wOOt!  Here it is on the DH.  Please ignore his messy office.

Russell Hat

Admittedly, it fits my head much nicer than his – he has a big ole’ noggin!

I also cast on and have knit 5″ on the “Pretty in Pink” tank – only mine is a pretty, deep turquoise color.  

Pretty in Turquoise

The miles and miles of K3P2 ribbing was wearing me down yesterday, which is why I started the hat.  I needed some instant gratification.  I decided not to go with any sort of cotton or a blend of cotton because so many of the people who knit it according to the directions said it stretched out horribly and it was way too big.  I knit a smaller size than what I wear (per reviews and the pattern) and I also used an acrylic yarn for more elasticity and wear!  Once it’s finished, I think it will become a staple in the ole wardrobe.  I plan to work on some more of this before the weekend is out, but first I must cast-on and finish Russell’s REAL hat.  It’s going to be chocolate brown and off-white – his choice.  The first one was more for fun and to use up this random skein of grey I had laying around.   I may confiscate it for myself – it fits me so well!

The Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor is not winning me over yet.  We’ll have to wait and see…


One Response to “Some FO action for ya!”

  1. meggitymegs Says:

    Nice hat! I have just finished knitting my first scarf, and for my next project I want to do a hat. But I’m so new it’s intimidating me.

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