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Houston, we have armholes! March 27, 2009

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So, I was plugging along on Sahara and made some nice progress once the epic fails ceased.  I have made it about an inch and a half below the armholes.  Unfortunately, I haven’t touched it much since then.


In other knitting news, I have been diligently searching everywhere for a “case” of sorts to hold DPNs.  I really wanted a zippered pencil case so that they didn’t fall out in my knitting bag.  I am an uber organization freak, so having them float aimlessly around in my bag was driving me bonkers!  I found the cutest one (along with others who were not so fortunate to be chosen) at Borders.  Even the inside is way cute!


In personal news, I joined this group that was all about being debt free.  I was one of those weirdos who grew up really poor and thought that my ability to get and use plastic was a sign I was “somebody”.  Turns out I was – someone really stupid!!  On two occasions, I let CC debt get so bad that I couldn’t even make all of the minimums.  One would think you would learn your lesson by now – not so.  In this group, the members discuss following Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover.


I have read a lot of financial books recently – I mean A LOT – and none of them have ever made me want to modify the behavior that led to the CC debt in the first place.  This book is different.  It’s simple ( you know, K.I.S.S., right?).  It’s not a scheme or some weird and random plan to pay off your debt – it’s common sense.  I LOVE IT!  It’s things DH has been saying for a while, but not in a way I would hear it. It’s very much like 12-step program for debtors – those who live to work to make payments.  I have always in some way loathed debt, but I loved the idea of buying things more – the desire to buy won every time.  Right now we are in the phase of coming up with a budget.  It’s a rather daunting prospect, but the reward of being completely debt-free is so worth it.  I will keep everyone updated in general terms as to our progress.

This weekend is camping – in the rain.  DH has never been before, so I am super excited to take him!  The first weekend in May we are taking my bro and his fiance with us.  To honor this new era of cheap vacations and getaways (once you have the stuff, camping is sooo cheap!), I decided to save up and buy a new tent (the old one had a hole in it – boo!).  It sleeps 12 (I say maybe 6 comfortably) and was a steal!  Best deal I could find and a brand I have actually heard of.


I cannot wait to take DH.  When I return, there will be loads of pics posted.  I really need to get better about posting things on Flickr – especially since I made a big deal about buying a Pro account.


Sahara – Thou art my nemesis! March 13, 2009

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Following in the Yarn Harlot’s footsteps, this pattern is beating me down!  I have had to frog not ONE, but BOTH fronts of this stupid thing!  First, I miscounted the # of stitches I needed for the size I was making – knit the 3″ of stockinette, realized it at the end (of course), then had to frog it all out.  Normally I am not this anal (I’m pretty good at fudging stuff), but I love this pattern so much it had to be right.  So, once that mess was frogged out, I proceeded to start the other front (double checked my # of stitches), got about 2″ done and noticed that somehow 3 stitches had fallen off about .5″ back.  Frogged again.

I WILL beat this.


At last….SOME KNITTING!! March 11, 2009

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For those of you who read regularly, I acknowledge and apologize for the lack on knitting/craft related content on here.  I admit, I lost my knitting mojo.   I simply wasn’t inspired to finish anything (‘cept DH’s hat) and didn’t have the cash to buy yarn to start anything, either.  In any case, my mojo is BACK!

FO – Russell’s New (and FINAL) Hat

DH In HatPretty Decreases

He’s a cutie.  Anyways, I love how pretty my decreases look.  The first hat I ever made was a disaster in this department.  Instead of smaller DPNs (*ahem* knitting manufacturers out there – this would still be AWESOME), more patience and time is key.  This one finally fits his big ole head and is a color he will actually wear.

Now on to the more exciting stuff!  I was in a frenzy digging through magazines, books and the like to find a new knitting project.  Something that would capture and hold my attention, as well as teach me something new.  I always crave to learn.  I stumbled across an old UFO, the Cropped Raglan and thought I would finish it.  Well, something sticky got on one side of my circular and I could not get it off.  In a fit of frustration and desperation, I decided that it needed to go – frogged the whole thing.  In an effort to salvage the yarn, I went on the hunt for a new project – something for summer…in the process, I made quite a mess:


So, yeah, something had to come of it.  When all was said and done, I ended up purchasing and downloading Wendy Bernard’s Sahara – so happy!!!  I actually made some progress on it this evening – despite the mess.  The interesting thing about the pattern is it requires you to do a provisional/invisible cast-on.  All the methods for this I have seen in the past have involved using two yarns and some Harry Potter magic -something I do not possess.  However, Stitch Diva Studios gives excellent instructions for using a crochet hook to create sort of a “top of a bag of dog food” effect with the cast-on stitches (by this I mean, you undo the loop at the end, pull the string, and the hole thing unravels neatly).  I managed to do it with minimal effort – so excellent!  Here is what I accomplished this evening:

Sahara Progress

This project will certainly keep me entertained as I have coveted the pattern for a while.  My only wish is that I had the pretty Tilli Tomas yarn the pattern suggests.  I would definitely knit another one if someone was so kind as to donate the Disco Lights and Pure and Simple in a pretty deep turquoise colorway 🙂 , but that is merely a dream!


New Archives March 9, 2009

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I know that seems like an oxymoron, but I felt the need to explain the random appearance of posts from way back in 2003.  Way back in the day (all of 6 years ago), DH and I decided to start LJ’s when we were in the long distance phase of our relationship.  This is way before my knitting days (although there is some crafty stuff mentioned) and serves more as our memories than anything.  If you read them, beware of 18yo angst and growing pains – don’t complain because I warned you…lol.

Bottom line: If you want to learn something about my DH and I, feel free to browse the archives.  Other than that, they are there so we didn’t lose them.


Anyone like free stuff? March 4, 2009

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(Sorry, but this is only for those in the Metro-Atlanta, GA area.)

In this economy, free stuff is always appealing – especially if it’s something you wouldn’t/couldn’t afford normally.

I am itching…dying really…to design and sew something other than curtains or tailoring coats.  Don’t get me wrong – I like to have the work – but every once and a while the designer in me needs to flex its creative muscle.

So, on to the free stuff.  My offer is simple really: I want to custom design an outfit for one lucky person and make it for them.  In return, all I ask is that they participate in a photoshoot for my portfolio.  If you are feeling generous, you can help purchase the material…but that is definitely not required.    The only additional requirement is that you be available and willing to meet for a measuring/fitting.  That’s it!

I’m really open to the type of outfit you would like to wear – skirts, dresses, pants, shorts, tops…whatever.  I just want to design and create something beautiful.

If you are interested, leave a comment and I will get DH to write a little script to randomly choose the winner.


Not too much going on… March 1, 2009

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…so in the midst of the boredom, DH decided to play with our little fat doggie.  Chalupa is so cute.

UPDATE: As of this writing, Georgia is experience what the weather people are calling “Thunder Snow”.  How effing awesome is that!!