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Protected: Introspective… April 29, 2009

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Site and Knitting News April 15, 2009

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So, hopefully over the next few weeks (possibly sooner) I plan to redesign the site.  In addition to redesigning the site, my plan is to make a foray into podcasting.  That’s right folks, you can listen to me speak on whatever topics I deem interesting relating to knitting, sewing, crafting, or finance.

In other news, I’m working on designing a logo.  It’s something that has been going on passively for quite a while, but I’ve recently felt a new urgency for it.  If anyone has any ideas for designing logos, please comment and share.  I’m pretty stumped with the whole process.  I’ve done lots of research, but perhaps that has made the cloudy mind worse….ugh!

I cannot wait to get my yarn!  Russell got it on the right track, but unfortunately it was too late for the shoes.  I emailed the company about his error (I cannot believe he did it with BOTH shipments), but they said I have to return the shoes to get a refund.  How am I supposed to track down shoes that got delivered to whoever lives in our old apartment?  Someone got some free $70 shoes out of this…but it wasn’t me!

My birthday was fun.  I got some neat stuff…mainly Barbies.  My mom and dad decided it was a good year to enhance my collection…and who am I to complain.  If I have a daughter, I plan to take my dear friend Holly’s advice and pass one on to her every year for special holidays.

Here are some cute pics of the baby playing around on my birthday.


He’s so cute.  He’s turning into such a great little boy.

Anyways, that’s all for today.


Poopy Internet Merchants – UPDATE April 11, 2009

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Since my last post, we have uncovered the mystery of the missing yarn/Sperry’s – clerical error.  My DH (bless his heart) put in our old address as the shipping address (quite frankly I’m schocked his debit card was approved).  Knit Picks, being all wonderful, contacted him by email to let him know that the package was returned.

So far, he’s managed to get them on the right track.   Can’t wait to get my yarn!!!


Poopy online merchants!! April 6, 2009

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So, right now Knit Picks and another online merchant are on my poop list.  Two WEEKS ago, DH ordered some yarn for me for our anniversary…about $100 worth for two different projects (major score, I know!).  Well, I was notified it was shipped about a week and a half ago.  WHERE IS MY YARN???

DH also ordered some new Sperry TopSiders for me (my old ones looked like crap after three winters and tons of rain).  Those also shipped over a week and a half ago – NO SHOES!!  I’m sending those back pronto…if they ever arrive…because I found some for much cheaper than those I originally thought were a bargain.

Other than that, DH’s birthday was yesterday and I got him a new spinner wedding band – he’s wanted one for quite some time.  This one is awesome and engraved inside.

I’ll post picks of my loot if it ever arrives….UGH!