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Poopy online merchants!! April 6, 2009

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So, right now Knit Picks and another online merchant are on my poop list.  Two WEEKS ago, DH ordered some yarn for me for our anniversary…about $100 worth for two different projects (major score, I know!).  Well, I was notified it was shipped about a week and a half ago.  WHERE IS MY YARN???

DH also ordered some new Sperry TopSiders for me (my old ones looked like crap after three winters and tons of rain).  Those also shipped over a week and a half ago – NO SHOES!!  I’m sending those back pronto…if they ever arrive…because I found some for much cheaper than those I originally thought were a bargain.

Other than that, DH’s birthday was yesterday and I got him a new spinner wedding band – he’s wanted one for quite some time.  This one is awesome and engraved inside.

I’ll post picks of my loot if it ever arrives….UGH!


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