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No, I didn’t die… August 22, 2009

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Well, it dawned on my I haven’t posted since May and I figured I would update all of my readers as to the state of affairs in the knitting/sewing/personal world.

Well, for starters, as I was getting some bitchin’ progress done on a crocheted scarf (I didn’t know I could crochet, but I can!!) and ready to post some awesome pics, we were robbed in June.  That’s right.  Someone kicked in our door and stole everything in our living room – including my laptop.  This means that I had no way to blog or do much else.

Well, as a result of this wonderful burglary, I have yet to get all my pictures off my iPhone (luckily hubby put ALL my pictures on my new phone right before my computer was stolen).  So, I will keep this post brief as there are no pretty pictures to share.

After that, knitting fell to the wayside and I haven’t knit a stitch since.  I’ve been reading a lot, but that’s about all.

We are looking to buy a house since our landlord was pretty ambivalent about the robbery.

Other than that, as soon as I get my pictures off of my phone, I will write a real post.