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Where did the time go? January 3, 2010

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As I’m sitting here on the second day of 2010, I wonder where the last year has gone.  Hubby and I have gone through some amazing changes – some good and some bad – and I feel it’s always good to record these things for recollection and reverie in the future.

Let’s see….where to begin (in my usual yearly wrap up format)….

1. January began a fervent quest to become a family of three.  It had been an off and on affair, but this is when things got serious.

2. In the process of learning everything possible about fertility, I discovered a way to accomplish a wonderful goal: becoming debt-free.  It’s been a long, slow road with speed bumps along the way; but it has brought my husband and I closer that we have ever been.

3. Celebrated 4 lovely years of marriage and 6 years together.  I am thankful that I look at him today and still see the stars I remember from the moment I met him.  He is an amazing man and has grown so much over this year – and helped me grow too – and I am so grateful that the Lord brought my angel to me.

4. Hubby and I turned 24.  It was a weird birthday – feeling like I’ve come so far, yet like there are still many miles left to travel.  I think of myself when I was 18 and the me I am now.  I am  more confident, full of far less self doubt, and greatly committed to making my life all I can think of.  Sadly, I am far less idealistic than I was back then – and far more cynical – but I think that has allowed me to take the rose-colored glasses off and see some of the true injustices in the world for what they are.

5. We were robbed.  That shook me to my core.  All of my most unfounded irrational fears suddenly became very real and very rational.  My privacy that I hold so dear was violated.  My trust and faith in mankind was shattered.  I was galled by the audacity of someone to think they could take what my husband and I had worked so hard to earn.  They put my dogs in great danger and that is what angered me the most.

6. We adopted Stanley.  Stanley is now a 6 month old German Shepherd who is so sweet and loving.  He is also a big ole mess!  He has done everything no other dog I have ever owned has done.  He’s torn through trash, drank from the toilet, eaten off the counter, eaten his own poop.  Hopefully he’ll outgrow that soon.

7. Hubby and I met one of my lifetime goals: buy a house by the time I was 25.  I love our little ranch house.  It’s got hardwood floors and a cute kitchen.   We absolutely adore this little house.

8. Thanksgiving was truly something to be thankful for this year.  Like a gift from God, we found out we were expecting.  We were so utterly thrilled with the long-awaited news.  Everyone was rediculously happy for us.

9. Lastly, we said goodbye to our little bean.  December 21, 2009 will forever be a day I remember with great sadness and disappointment.  What started out as a routine follow-up crushed our world forever.  We will never forget him and know he is truly home now.  Our only regret is that we never really met our little one.

I’m quite happy to say goodbye to 2009 with a lot of relief and some apprehension.  My only hope is that 2010 brings some better things our way.  Either way, our souls are humbled and our minds have new perspective.