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A new and exciting hobby! March 10, 2010

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So, I collect 18″ dolls.  I especially love historical dolls (a la American Girl).  Currently, Felicity, Elsie Dinsmore, and Alyssa have pretty full wardrobes and adorn my craft room.  Elsie is A Life of Faith doll and is my new favorite….probably because I think she looks like me! In any case, this leads me to my new hobby.

On the hunt for a new doll, I came across a genre of doll called Waldorf Dolls.  There is a small, WAHM owned company that makes beautiful Waldorf dolls called Bamboletta Dolls.  She is simply sweet and wonderful and follow her on Facebook!  In any case, I love her dolls, but I also love to sew and create (as you know) so I decided to try my hand at doll making.  I didn’t do any research prior to embarking on this endeavor as I like to find my own way most times and it usually works out better.

Off to Joanns I went in search of the things I wanted to use to make my doll.  I got some polar fleeve, fiber fill, yarn, and other accoutrements to create my doll.  I had fabric for clothing at home, so off I went on my adventure.  Here are the results…
Sarah Doll

I’m calling my new dolls Sarah Dolls after a friend from high school who just kicked cancer’s butt! Throughout her journey fighting cancer, she had the most uplifting, positive attitude. All of the stories she shared throughout her journey brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart – and that’s what I hope these dolls will do for others.


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