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About Me January 4, 2008


I began sewing at the age of 10 when my mother bought a new sewing machine. I was so interested in what she was doing, I made her teach me how to sew by hand (there was no way she was letting a 10-year-old break her new machine). From there I was a sewing fool! I would take old clothes and turn them into all kinds of things from purses to pillows to other new garments.

When I was 15-years-old I begged and pleaded for a sewing machine of my own and my grandmother granted my wish. I was unstoppable. That night I went out and bought a bunch of new fabric and made my pajamas for the night by bed time. It was wonderful!

I had never been taught to use patterns – not to mention I had no money to buy them – so I learned pattern-making the old fashioned way: trial and error. Over the years, I did invest in some patterns simply to learn what they looked like and to improve my own prowess. From there, my designing obsession grew.

When I was graduating high school, my senior International Baccalaureate Arts Project was a fashion show in the school’s art gallery that was surrounded by my traditional artwork (2-D and ceramics).  From that point forward I knew that design would play a huge role in my future.

In May 2011, I welcomed my first child, a daughter named Sarah. She is my current design inspiration. I design all sorts of dresses, hairbows, knitwear, toys, and room decor for my Princess. I am first and foremost a mother, but by night I do design.


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