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2010: A reflection. January 5, 2011

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2010 was one hell of a year for me and my family. We experienced some major ups and downs, but overall I feel like it was a huge success. As is the tradition with these yearly wrap up posts, I will do it in my list fashion.

2009 ended on one of the saddest notes I could possibly ever imagine.

1. March of 2010 saw the loss of another little one to miscarriage. It was very sad and I didn’t recover for a while. It’s those kinds of things that make you wonder if your heart can ever be whole again.

2. In May, we found out that our “rotten luck” was not rotten luck at all – but something totally treatable. We were thrilled and couldn’t wait to try again.

3. In July, my newest little brother was born. Thomas Bob came into this world on July 19th – one day after his big brother’s birthday. He is the sweetest little boy and we all love him so much. He’s so chill, but loves to be in the middle of everything.
Thomas "Bob" Allen

4. I started school back that same summer and it was so fun and refreshing to be in a formal learning environment again. I have done really well and feel like I’m back to my old self.

5. August was very exciting as well. My best friend in the entire world gave birth to her second child. Madeline Anne was born in the afternoon and was certainly in a hurry to get here! She is so adorable and beautiful and a little dark haired angel.
Madeline Anne

6. The end of August and early September were a time of both great sadness and happiness. We lost my husband’s mother unexpectedly which was really rough. On the flip side, he got to reconnect with a part of his family he hadn’t seen in over ten years. I also got to meet this part of his family and let’s just say I fit in like a round peg. It’s wonderful.

7. September also brought some wonderful and scary news – we were expecting again. After waiting a while to try again, we got the first try and it was so exciting. At the same time, we knew what could happen and we were terrified.

8. October saw Shaun and Christian turn 4 and 3 respectively. When people say kids grow up too fast, they aren’t kidding. I just can’t believe how big they are and it amazes me what sweet and caring little boys they have become. Those two are really good friends and love Gabba. For their birthday, Holly gave them the opportunity to see Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE! at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. She is incredibly generous and has a huge heart. The boys both went as Gabbas for Halloween and were adorable.
Halloween 2010

9. November was a real treat for us. It marked the end of the scary first trimester and getting to tell Russell’s re-discovered family the good news. They were so thrilled – and we were thrilled to be able to share that with them.

10. December was really exciting. We got to travel to Ohio to visit Russell’s relatives and we also found out what our beautiful baby’s gender was! It’s a GIRL! To say we were a little surprised is an understatement. We didn’t care either way, but we fully expected a son.
Baby Girl Myers

While we were in Ohio, I managed to knit our daughter a really cute sweater. I forget the name of the pattern and I don’t have it in front of me, but here it is!
Baby Girl's First Handknit!

I think 2011 is going to rock. We get to meet our baby girl and there are so many other wonderful things in store.


A Toe Up Sock – The Documentary May 16, 2009

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I’ve been reading the Yarn Harlot’s blog, as well as Wendy Knits and watching them knit all of these wonderful socks made me want to try it again.  If you have been a follower of this blog, you may recall my first attempt at knitting  a sock.  That ended in horrible failure.  Not because I did it badly, but I wasn’t ready to knit in that small of a gauge yet.  Also, I hated the yarn I chose and the pattern (cuff down with a heel with a gussett).

This time around, I wanted to try toe up socks.  I downloaded this free pattern from Ravelry and decided to give it a try.  Well, the wrap and turns for the short rows were throwing me.  I watched more than one YouTube video and just could not wrap my simple head around it.  I then stumbled upon a great demo for doing short rows with no yarn overs or wrap and turns.  It is FANTASTIC!  So I embarked on improving my first toe up socks.  I cast on 24 stitches using a crocheted provisional cast on and set about knitting the toe of my sock.


(Just after I finished the short rows and began undoing my prov. cast on)

So the toe was a resounding success for not using a pattern and literally just guessing.  I also decided that around the 1″ mark (after the toe) that I would switch to magic loop – so cool!  I never tried it before and I loved it!  So much easier than all those DPNs.   After continuing to knit, I decided that I hate this yarn.  I bought it from Hobby Lobby and it’s just nasty.  Believe it or not, though, prettiest sock yarn in the whole damn store.  Go figure.  Anyway, I also came to the realization that because I did not like this yarn, kntting a large sock (I have big feet) to actually wear was useless.  So, I took it to work and made my boss with size 5 feet try it on so I could gauge where to start the heel turn.

The toe on my hoof.

(As you can see, NOWHERE near the heel on my big feet)

So after a tad more knitting on the body of the sock, I began the heel turn.   Using the same strategy/method I used for the toe, I began knitting back and forth on half the stiches for the heel.  I like the look and feel of a mitered heel (while I do also recognize that different types of heels are good for different things), so this method really appealed to me.  Unfortunately, I began knitting the heel while commiserating with my father and brother.  This meant my attention was divided and I went a bit too far with the mitering.

nasty heel

(Too many things wrong to list)

So, not only is the heel only good if  you have a square foot, some how I managed to leave some odd holes (probably from not paying attention, again, go figure).  I got a little carried away with the mitering.  It’s just a lot of bad in this photo.  However, I managed to get past the nasty heel and finish the sock:

finished sock

Did some 2×2 ribbing to finish the cuff and there ya go!  A finished, horrible sock!  I will knit socks again, but next time they will definitely be on 2 circulars, and 2 at a time.  I want to get Cat Bordhi’s book to learn how to do it.

I hope this post gives some great resources for people wanting to try toe up socks.


Poopy online merchants!! April 6, 2009

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So, right now Knit Picks and another online merchant are on my poop list.  Two WEEKS ago, DH ordered some yarn for me for our anniversary…about $100 worth for two different projects (major score, I know!).  Well, I was notified it was shipped about a week and a half ago.  WHERE IS MY YARN???

DH also ordered some new Sperry TopSiders for me (my old ones looked like crap after three winters and tons of rain).  Those also shipped over a week and a half ago – NO SHOES!!  I’m sending those back pronto…if they ever arrive…because I found some for much cheaper than those I originally thought were a bargain.

Other than that, DH’s birthday was yesterday and I got him a new spinner wedding band – he’s wanted one for quite some time.  This one is awesome and engraved inside.

I’ll post picks of my loot if it ever arrives….UGH!


Houston, we have armholes! March 27, 2009

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So, I was plugging along on Sahara and made some nice progress once the epic fails ceased.  I have made it about an inch and a half below the armholes.  Unfortunately, I haven’t touched it much since then.


In other knitting news, I have been diligently searching everywhere for a “case” of sorts to hold DPNs.  I really wanted a zippered pencil case so that they didn’t fall out in my knitting bag.  I am an uber organization freak, so having them float aimlessly around in my bag was driving me bonkers!  I found the cutest one (along with others who were not so fortunate to be chosen) at Borders.  Even the inside is way cute!


In personal news, I joined this group that was all about being debt free.  I was one of those weirdos who grew up really poor and thought that my ability to get and use plastic was a sign I was “somebody”.  Turns out I was – someone really stupid!!  On two occasions, I let CC debt get so bad that I couldn’t even make all of the minimums.  One would think you would learn your lesson by now – not so.  In this group, the members discuss following Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover.


I have read a lot of financial books recently – I mean A LOT – and none of them have ever made me want to modify the behavior that led to the CC debt in the first place.  This book is different.  It’s simple ( you know, K.I.S.S., right?).  It’s not a scheme or some weird and random plan to pay off your debt – it’s common sense.  I LOVE IT!  It’s things DH has been saying for a while, but not in a way I would hear it. It’s very much like 12-step program for debtors – those who live to work to make payments.  I have always in some way loathed debt, but I loved the idea of buying things more – the desire to buy won every time.  Right now we are in the phase of coming up with a budget.  It’s a rather daunting prospect, but the reward of being completely debt-free is so worth it.  I will keep everyone updated in general terms as to our progress.

This weekend is camping – in the rain.  DH has never been before, so I am super excited to take him!  The first weekend in May we are taking my bro and his fiance with us.  To honor this new era of cheap vacations and getaways (once you have the stuff, camping is sooo cheap!), I decided to save up and buy a new tent (the old one had a hole in it – boo!).  It sleeps 12 (I say maybe 6 comfortably) and was a steal!  Best deal I could find and a brand I have actually heard of.


I cannot wait to take DH.  When I return, there will be loads of pics posted.  I really need to get better about posting things on Flickr – especially since I made a big deal about buying a Pro account.


At last….SOME KNITTING!! March 11, 2009

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For those of you who read regularly, I acknowledge and apologize for the lack on knitting/craft related content on here.  I admit, I lost my knitting mojo.   I simply wasn’t inspired to finish anything (‘cept DH’s hat) and didn’t have the cash to buy yarn to start anything, either.  In any case, my mojo is BACK!

FO – Russell’s New (and FINAL) Hat

DH In HatPretty Decreases

He’s a cutie.  Anyways, I love how pretty my decreases look.  The first hat I ever made was a disaster in this department.  Instead of smaller DPNs (*ahem* knitting manufacturers out there – this would still be AWESOME), more patience and time is key.  This one finally fits his big ole head and is a color he will actually wear.

Now on to the more exciting stuff!  I was in a frenzy digging through magazines, books and the like to find a new knitting project.  Something that would capture and hold my attention, as well as teach me something new.  I always crave to learn.  I stumbled across an old UFO, the Cropped Raglan and thought I would finish it.  Well, something sticky got on one side of my circular and I could not get it off.  In a fit of frustration and desperation, I decided that it needed to go – frogged the whole thing.  In an effort to salvage the yarn, I went on the hunt for a new project – something for summer…in the process, I made quite a mess:


So, yeah, something had to come of it.  When all was said and done, I ended up purchasing and downloading Wendy Bernard’s Sahara – so happy!!!  I actually made some progress on it this evening – despite the mess.  The interesting thing about the pattern is it requires you to do a provisional/invisible cast-on.  All the methods for this I have seen in the past have involved using two yarns and some Harry Potter magic -something I do not possess.  However, Stitch Diva Studios gives excellent instructions for using a crochet hook to create sort of a “top of a bag of dog food” effect with the cast-on stitches (by this I mean, you undo the loop at the end, pull the string, and the hole thing unravels neatly).  I managed to do it with minimal effort – so excellent!  Here is what I accomplished this evening:

Sahara Progress

This project will certainly keep me entertained as I have coveted the pattern for a while.  My only wish is that I had the pretty Tilli Tomas yarn the pattern suggests.  I would definitely knit another one if someone was so kind as to donate the Disco Lights and Pure and Simple in a pretty deep turquoise colorway 🙂 , but that is merely a dream!


Look what I got!!! January 24, 2009

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So, it’s been a little while since I posted, but I wanted to wait until I got my package in the mail.  

A little while ago, I found a steal on eBay for two Debbie Bliss pattern books I have been dying to knit from.  


That’s right – Cathay and Simply Soft.  The first thing I plan on knitting out of these is the Shawl Collared Bolero on the cover of the Simply Soft book….the entire reason I bought the books to begin with.  I’m so excited!!!

I’m glad these came in because it’s taking my mind off of the two week wait…I feel like I am an episode of 24 and each day is counting down like *DINK – DINK – DINK – DINK – DINK*.  

Anyways, I’ll post more news as it happens!


Some FO action for ya! January 11, 2009

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So, I finally got a new computer – alas, all is well with the world!  I also have some pictures for you guys!  

Russell decided he did actually want me to knit him a hat.  So, while I was vegging out at the house on my day off yesterday, I cast on the “Knit Hat – For Anyone!”.  Such a simple and quick knit.  I think hats with weird, complicated patterns and such are simply unnecessary.  I guess I just like ’em plain!  Anyways, I finished it in ONE DAY!  Hallelujah – I’m getting faster.  wOOt!  Here it is on the DH.  Please ignore his messy office.

Russell Hat

Admittedly, it fits my head much nicer than his – he has a big ole’ noggin!

I also cast on and have knit 5″ on the “Pretty in Pink” tank – only mine is a pretty, deep turquoise color.  

Pretty in Turquoise

The miles and miles of K3P2 ribbing was wearing me down yesterday, which is why I started the hat.  I needed some instant gratification.  I decided not to go with any sort of cotton or a blend of cotton because so many of the people who knit it according to the directions said it stretched out horribly and it was way too big.  I knit a smaller size than what I wear (per reviews and the pattern) and I also used an acrylic yarn for more elasticity and wear!  Once it’s finished, I think it will become a staple in the ole wardrobe.  I plan to work on some more of this before the weekend is out, but first I must cast-on and finish Russell’s REAL hat.  It’s going to be chocolate brown and off-white – his choice.  The first one was more for fun and to use up this random skein of grey I had laying around.   I may confiscate it for myself – it fits me so well!

The Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor is not winning me over yet.  We’ll have to wait and see…