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FINALLY! An FO to post about! December 6, 2008

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Okay, so the knitting department has been rather slow.  I’ve decided not to start a hundred projects at once and never finish any.  That being said, I’ve had to traverse all the land to find the yarn to finish that cute green baby cardi….and it’s finally DONE!  No buttons, but I’m waiting to see if I have a boy or girl to give it to first before I commit to specific buttons.  Here’s a pic of it – hasn’t been blocked yet.


So, that’s all for today.  We should be getting our Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor on Tuesday.  I’m so thrilled about that.


Oh my! August 15, 2008

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So far, August is turning into a very hectic month. We still have not found a place to live – we have to be out by September 30. I’ve been such a wreck, I’m surprised I haven’t had an anxiety attack yet. I guess I can bear more stress than I thought. My mind is total mush and I can hardly keep a straight train of thought. I zone out for an hour at a time and can’t remember where the time went.

I swallowed my pride and asked my brother for help with a student loan. He agreed much to my delight, but we still haven’t heard anything back yet. Here’s a picture of us at his 21st birthday bash at Joe’s Crabshack

The one on the right is of Paul and his soon to be fiance Brandi. She is a very sweet girl. They recently moved into an apartment together – and let me tell you it is WAY nicer than mine and DH’s first apartment.

I do have an FO for y’all. It’s a little baby cardi for my friend Marie who is pregnant. We find out what she’s having on Monday. I’m really excited. Megan and I are planning her shower for November. It’s going to be a lot of work, but well worth it.

I think it’s really cute. I am going to modify the baby Uggs pattern to make her some matching booties. She doesn’t read this, so I can tell you I am going to make her an actual pair of the baby Uggs because she did adore them so.

I have been really bad about attending my women’s Bible study. We are studying the book The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer. It is an amazing book that discusses man’s search for the divine. I really enjoy it and it speaks to my soul. I realized of late I have not given my life to Him and as a result of trying to control everything, my life is suffering. I can feel the prayer others have been doing for me and I am very grateful to them for it. I strive to be closer to Him – like I was before – but it is difficult to give up the control you fought so hard to get in the first place. I highly recommend this book for some good spiritual reading.

Other than that, we have quite a few baby birthdays coming up soon. First is the DH’s friend’s daughter’s first birthday. I don’t know if we’re going, but first birthdays are always very special. October is jam packed with little one’s birthdays. First is Christian’s first birthday. He’s a big boy now! I cannot believe how much he has grown. I remember the first time I saw that precious little boy – I cried because he was just so beautiful and I knew what a gift he was to Holly and Nick. They are fantastic parents to that little boy. I honestly hope our children can grow up to be as grounded as Holly and Nick are.

And baby Shaun is turning two! I feel so old. He is such a big boy now. He started potty training all by himself. He’ll walk up to dad and pull on his diaper then run to the potty and wait. He’s being stubborn about using his words. He’s been stubborn about everything – he does what he wants when he wants to. I wonder where he gets that from? Could it be a Randy Wallace trait? I think so. We are all that way.

Do you see all that blond hair? Dad refuses to cut it. I think it needs to be trimmed in the back, but he is still such a ham! I love that little boy.

No news in baby land for us, but we’re still trying!