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Another FO…I’m on a roll! December 12, 2008

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After a knitting slump, I am back.  I decided that the little green baby cardi needed a matching little green hat.  This decision was also influenced by the fact that I have never knit a hat before – baby or otherwise.  So I scoured Ravelry (of course!) and found a “fruit hat” pattern that was simply, but still completely adorable.  I did not knit it as a fruit – just solid green – but it was super easy and totally adorable.


I really did love the pattern, but some things became very clear to me through knitting it.  First, I started on DPNs instead of a circular (I have cheap, very unflexible ones that were NOT working for this).  This led to some “stretched out” stockinette where the DPNs were meeting in the beginning.  Hardly noticeable, but I could tell.  Secondly, I became acutely aware that 7″ (I think) DPNs are much too long for working with only 6 total stitches toward the end.  I wonder of they make some smaller DPNs just for things like i-cords and such.  Must research that one.  Lastly, my decreases look pretty good (all K2Tog), but again, when you get to the top of the crown, there are some spaces in there from having to wrangle the DPNs around one another.  Overall, the hat was a success.  I will be knitting some of the fruit variety for some babies this Christmas (this only took about 4 hours to make in total).

On a funny note, the DH and I were discussing what sorts of parents we would be last night and I told him I was excited.  He said, “yeah, about the fun stuff.  You don’t think about the hard stuff.”  To which I replied, “What do you mean? Diapers and stuff?” He says, “No, discipline, money, all that crap.  Ugh, I am dreading that part.”

Trying to bring some perspective, I proceed with, “What, do you want our children to be perfect angels all the time so you only have to be their buddy?” He follows with, “Is that really too much to ask?”

I about fell out the bed when he said that.  It was so sweet and funny at the same time.  I wonder how many other parents feel the same way.


An addict April 15, 2008

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OMG – I had to wait two weeks to get my invite, but I finally did. I am now addicted to Ravelry! If you like to knit/crochet you should DEFINITELY become a member. It’s fantastic!

I will warn you, there is a waiting list to be invited, but be patient. It is totally worth it!

Oh, and I got some new yarn. It’s cheap, but really pretty.

I’m in the process of knitting a simple shell out of it. I know it’s crazy colors, but it’s so pretty!


New Project and Easter March 26, 2008

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Okay, so I am beginning a new project, and so far I have two sleeves and the lower back of the body in progress. I plan to post some pictures once I get the pieces blocked. I am using the Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick yarn (and boy is it!) and so far it’s managed to make my knitting look fabulous! It’s in this lovely purple color.

Easter was a wonderful day this year. My entire family: Mom, Dad, Dad’s Wife Susan, Shaun, Paul & his girlfriend Brandi, and Russell all managed to make it to IHOP for Easter brunch. I am so thankful for my wonderful family.

me rabbit

My lovely mother bought these ears for Shaun, but he wasn’t feeling it – so I took them!  I think I rocked ’em!


(This picture turned out really grainy for some reason – I’m pretty sure someone else took it with my camera and didn’t know what they were doing)

Shaun was dressed like a little preppy pimp for the occasion.  It was all around really great.


New Knitting Magazine February 29, 2008

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So blogging has fallen to the bottom of a very long list of to-do’s the past couple of weeks.  First I got a stomach flu that knocked me out for a week, then work has been really crazy.

In knitting news…

I’ve been doing research on knitting and certain procedures I see mentioned, but had no idea what they were – the internet is an amazing thing.  This weeks topic is Blocking.  Blocking is the process of wetting a finished piece of knitting and shaping it to the project’s intended dimensions.  There are apparently three ways to do this: wet, moist, and slightly damp.  Since I have been using man-made fibers for most of my knitting (Caron Simply Soft and Lion Wool Ease) because they are inexpensive, the wet method is what I plan to try when I finish my new project.  I’ll post a picture of what it will (hopefully) look like when I am done.  I plan to start it this weekend on a day trip I am taking with some girlfriends.  Who knows, maybe I’ll convert them to knitting!

On another note, I received the invitation for the grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary party.  My husband and I have to drive to Canton (about 45 minutes away) to go to a barbecue restaurant (one of which is 5 minutes from our house).  I tried my hardest to convince them to go to the closer one, but to no avail.  It should be fun and interesting because a lot of extended family will be there. 

No progress in the baby department yet.  Maybe next month.