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Lots of FOs! Oh, and no place to live…. September 9, 2008

So September has been quite the month and it’s only the 9th!  Good news is I have tons to show for the month of August as far as knitting and sewing goes.

WIP – Marie’s Easy Baby Cardi.  This is actually the second attempt at this sweater.  The first attempt was in an earlier post and ended with me frogging the whole thing out and putting it down until I was a bit more seasoned.  Well, a few FOs later, I’ve decided the pattern might not be so daunting.  I started again with the Lion Wool Ease Worsted in the cute grass colorway (she’s having a boy btw!!!).  I am making it collared instead of hooded.  Lots of progress!

FO – Marie’s Baby Booties.  I love these.  I adapted the DIY baby Uggs pattern to make these adorable little booties.  The gauge with the Rowan Cashsoft made these booties the perfect size for a little newborn’s feet.  Not to mention, the cashmere/merino blend will make them both soft and warm.  I think they turned out amazing.

FO – Daron’s Birthday Skirt.  It’s not knitted, but it is totally adorable.  I’ve had the fabric for forever waiting on the perfect project to make something out of it.  Daron’s birthday came along and the colors just screamed her.  I love the perfect amount of volume on the bottom.

Finally, I’ve committed to going to see Holly and the baby(ies) every other Friday as long as they will have me.  I feel like I’m missing out on a big part of their life since I began working again.  Here is one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken of Christian so far…he is adorable!

Over Labor Day, we all went to my Mom’s house for some grub and family time and I got to see Shaun with his new Power Wheel truck.  He looks EXACTLY like my dad when he drives it: one hand on the wheel and his other elbow on the door.  So cute and he’s getting so incredibly big.  I cannot believe what a little man he is now.  It’s amazing how fast they grow up.  He is turning into quite a young man.  So amazing.

Miss Holly also told me about some insane doll websites.  There is one that chronicles the stories and DVDs created by this group of girls with American Girl Dolls.  It wouldn’t be so insane if these doll “houses” were not LITERALLY the size of ROOMS in the girls’ house!  I can’t even describe the insanity, take a look for yourself.  Take special care to look at the Parkington’s Mansion.

Oh!  And before I forget, I need to document that the DH has been COOKING DINNER!  That’s right, folks.  I said it.  He has been cooking dinner from start to finish.  He’s quite good, too!

No news on our baby front, but I’ll keep you posted.  As of today, we are still homeless.  Working diligently on it.