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Grocery day… November 14, 2004

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It’s grocery day again and the thought of making yet another list is daunting today for some reason.

I went to court on Friday morning. I wasn’t nervous really until the guy that hit me decided he had a vested interest in showing up…so he did. The entire time he, the judge, and I were talking, he had this stupid smirk on his face that just said to me, “I am doing a greater good to the community by making a 19-year-old poor college girl learn some ‘personal responsibility’ (those were his words at the time of the accident).” He was a real jerk. Half of the other people who had been involved in an accident didn’t have the other person show because the insurance companies were handling it already. The only ones who did show were the ones who hadn’t received any contact about their respective accidents what-so-ever. He was simply being malicious and cruel. According the judge, I am “Guilty as Sin” and now forced to pay $295 in fines, as well as remain on probation until Tuesday when I can finally go down and pay it (stupid filing).

Good note:
brother, Paul Wallace, was on 96Rock on Friday jamming with Kenny Wayne Shepard. He won a contest, via my dad calling in, and got to go on air and played with KWS. It was SOOOOOOOO cool!! I was so proud of him. He and his friend also got 2 VIP tickets to see the band at EarthlinkLive. They got to hang out backstage the entire time and KWS’s manager (also his father) let Paul and his friend listen to the mix through the board and everything. He also got the set list. Not to mention KWS signed and played his guitar (a VERY nice and expensive Fender Strat that my parents bought him). KWS also signed his friends guitar. It was very cool. I know no one prolly heard him, but it was awesome for me.

Thought of the Day:”No, not really.”


2 Responses to “Grocery day…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    poor nina . . . some people just f’ing suck. – alicia

  2. Anonymous Says:

    poor nina . . . some people just f’ing suck. – alicia

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